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Age: 28 years

from Munich


Age: 25 years

from Graz


Idea and development of this student guide for Madrid:

Alex and I met in Madrid. We both studied at Luis Vives CEU, a private school for tourism. We got to know each other after we both already had to deal with the more difficult time in the beginning, the flat search, selection of subjects, money troubles, language barriers, etc. At this time we both had more or less settled in Madrid. So we met and spent six very cool months together with lots of parties, shopping sprees, and we got to know so many nice people (all above: Verena and Petra) so that we didn’t want to leave in the end;) We were used to and appreciated the Spanish lifestyle and the night life was a very big part of it. We had fallen in love with this city and its many cafés, tapas bars and cool shops, so that we couldn’t imagine a day without this liveliness in the streets, which continued during the nights. But our stay in Madrid had to end one day and everyone was sad to leave. Before we said goodbye, Petra, Verena, Alex and me swore that one day we would meet again in Madrid.

Time went by and everyone lived his life. Sometimes we spoke on the phone and Alex and me managed to meet up 2-3 times during this time. This year (2006) at Easter we decided that it was time to get together again and it had to be in Madrid. The plan worked. We rented a room in a hostel very close to Sol and met up. It was great!! We went to our old bars, met our Spanish friends, ate well and a lot in Madrid’s tapas bars, and spent most of the time partying and talking. One afternoon we had the idea to create an online student guide for Madrid, as we could use our own experience and our insider tips to recommend bars, restaurants, etc. So we started to write texts and take pictures. Due to our own experience we know that Erasmus students are always struggeling with the same problems: they can’t find a flat, need a job, want to take a language course, etc. Some of those problems can be avoided if you inform yourself on the Internet e.g. our website about renting out a (temporary) room from home, for instance.


Operator of this website:

Ricarda Zorn

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