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Paseodecebra.net – Student guide Madrid

The website www.paseodecebra.net should help students with their preparation for a stay abroad, whether they want to study or do an internship in Madrid. Students find information about universities and language schools, tips concerning sights, restaurants and night life, as well as information regarding house hunting and job search in Madrid. Not to forget the pictures of Madrid in our picture gallery, in order to get an impression of the city in advance.

Have fun looking around at our paseodecebra.net

Alex and Rici

Here something especially useful for you:
Sample of an accompanying letter, application and CV for an exchange semester in Spain
Various Spanish presentations, papers and projects, which we have handed in at our private tourism college Luis Vives CEU in Madrid.

About the name:

I can’t tell you a lot about the name. We didn’t want such a typical and significant name like “Erasmus-Madrid” or “Studium-Madrid”, we wanted to find a funny and imaginative title for our website. So I came up with the word “paseodecebra”, which is Spanish and means “zebra crossing”. We thought that this name would fit somehow and it sounded nice. That is the story about the origin of the name of our website.