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Job search

If you are looking for a job in Madrid, then check out the following links. Whether you are looking for a side job, an internship or a long-term job, these websites are useful to everyone.

German chamber of commerce
If you are looking for an internship for the minimum of 3 months, you can have your CV published in this database. The prerequisites are, however, to be a student at a German licensed university or university of applied sciences. The fees are 33 € and additional 205 € have to be paid in case of successful placement. http://www.ahk.es/index.php?id=5

Spanish newspapers – online

Segundamano – extensive advertisement portal for many fields, e.g. cars, real estate, jobs etc. Here you find – only in Spanish though – a database with job offers for various areas.

ABC is, next to el país and el mundo, one of the most important daily papers in Madrid. Here you can also look for jobs and you get offers for Madrid and other Spanish cities. http://todotrabajo.abc.es/

Online portals

LoQUo Madrid – advertisement portal for various fields, e.g. jobs, real estate, etc. You find here an extensive database with job offers and you have the opportunity of creating your own profile with CV. The website can be seen in English or Spanish.

iAgora.com – international portal for students and interns
You will find job offers and internships; however, most of the time good language skills (various languages) are required, as this website includes quite demanding jobs. Multilingual website.

Eurojobs.com – online employment service
Here you can search in English for jobs within various areas in European cities.

Infojobs.net – Spanish labour market service
You will find job offers for all parts of Spain. However, these offers are mainly for long-term employment. http://www.infojobs.net/

Here you can place your CV online for free and you have the opportunity to specifically look for jobs within your preferred sector. You will find jobs all over Spain. In Spanish.

This is a job search-site that offers the possibilty to create your own profile with CV. You will also find a category called „primer empleo“ for first time employment. Language: Spanish.

Here you can find student jobs/ part-time jobs and you can place your CV on the net. Only in Spanish.

You will find a big range of jobs in Greater Madrid in the fields of IT, industry (chemistry, logistics), sales and marketing, administration and tourism. Rather long-term oriented and only in Spanish.

A job site for employment within tourism in Madrid and all over Spain. In Spanish.

If you want to work in Madrid as English teacher, you will find information on this website.

International website for internships and jobs. In English.

Job sites of the universities of Madrid
Job site of the Universidad Complutense Madrid
Website for jobs and internships of the Universidad Autónoma http://www.uam.es/otroscentros/coie/TABLON/tablon.htm
Internship and jobcenter, only for students of the Universidad Carlos III
Internship and jobcenter, only for students of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos http://www.urjc.es/z_files/af_alumn/af13/af13_destino1.html