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Universities in Madrid

There are six public universities in Madrid (Universidad Complutense, Universidad Autónoma, Universidad Carlos III, Universidad Politécnica, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Universidad Comillas), as well as the Spanish distance university, Universidad a distancia, and various other universities and academies.

Here you find general information about the most important universities.

The Universidad Complutense is the largest Spanish university at presence and one of the biggest in Europe. The university is located at two university sites, the Ciudad Universitaria in the district of Moncloa and the campus in Somosaguas. In the academic year 2004/2005 (Fehler im Original) 95.869 students were enrolled at the university, which was founded in 1499. At the moment students can choose between 77 official study courses in the areas of natural and social science, humanities and linguistics as well as medicine.
More Information at http://www.ucm.es
You can find the international office and information for exchange students here.

The Universidad Autónoma, founded in 1968, is located at the 2.252.000 m² Campus de Cantoblanco, 15 kilometers to the north of the city. In 2005 (beim Original..Im Jahr 2005) 33.118 students were enrolled. Students have the opportunity to choose among the following fields: humanities, political science, law, business studies, philosophy, psychology and medicine.
More information at: http://www.uam.es
You can find the international office and contact persons for exchange students at:

The Universidad Carlos III de Madrid was founded in 1989, and has a campus in the suburbs of Madrid: Getafe, Leganés and Colmenarejo. Approx. 13.000 students are studying at this university, where they can choose between the faculty of social science and law (Getafe, Colmenarejo), humanities, documentation and communication (Getafe) and the Technical College in Leganés.
More information at: http://www.uc3m.es/
The international office and information for exchange students at:

The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, founded in 1971, has faculties all over Madrid: within the university district (Ciudad Universitaria), in Boadilla del Monte (north west of Madrid), Vallecas (in the south) as well as in the centre of Madrid. Students can choose between architecture, IT, telecommunications, mining and agriculture, amongst others.
More information at: http://www.upm.es/
You find the international office and information for exchange students at:

The Universidad Rey Juan Carlos was founded in 1996. Students can choose between 24 different branches of study in the areas of law, social science or technology, amongst others. The four faculties are located in Alcorcón, Fuenlabrada, Móstoles and Vicálvaro in the south of Madrid.
More information at: http://www.urjc.es/
The international office and information for exchange students at: